Monday, December 21, 2009

Album Review: Young Money: "We Are Young Money"

And Young Money they are. We all know Lil Wayne and his success of sellin a milli in 1 week with Tha Carter III, and we all know Drake and his sudden rise to stardom with being an actor, and now a hit making lyricist who is always in the news now, with one of the most highly anticipated debuts in a very long time. We also are starting to learn about Nicki Minaj. The femcee (out of Queens) is making her own lane as a lyricist, and with numerous guest features and mixtape appearances she has quietly built up a strong fanbase. Jae Millz and Tyga have released albums, but haven't really done much on their own, so they linkin up with Weezy. Mack Maine, Gudda Gudda, Lil Twist, Lil Chuckee, T-Streets, and Shanell are pretty much unknown, so this is a real intro for some of these artists. That might be a problem the dynamic between experienced lyricists, and very unexperienced lyricists. let's see if this album is passable or a MAJOR FAIL.

Suprisingly, this was a solid track. Jae Millz, Gudda Gudda, and Mack Maine spit the verses, and Wayne handled the chorus. The beat went hard, and was really good, and all of them did respectable on the verses, but Jae Millz had the best verse IMO. Lil Wayne gotta stop singing because it's either pass or fail with him and this was a fail as a hook.

2.Every Girl
One of the biggest rap singles of the year. This started the whole Young Money craze, and rightfully so. This was a really smooth posse cut, where Wayne and Drake clearly bring the top lyrics, and murder the track.

3.Ms. Parker
This is where the album takes a nosedive. a chorus that repeatedly says Ms. Parker is annoying. The beat has an RandB feel to it, and it just doesn't sound like a song with any point to it. Wayne's verse was "eh" and it just was like did Wayne really listen to this song and go like "wow this was a great song"

Definitely the worst song so far. The hook is just a mess, and the verses are just awful. Jae Millz disappointed me with his verse. Tyga was boring and stupid. T-Streets was by far the worst verse I have heard in a loooooonnnnng time. "She got stamina/She got endurance/She drive my dick crazy/I need insurance/she got strechmarks/cuz she got children/them bitches be like Soulja Boy/they be round the house yourin!!!/we never fuck in the bed/it smell like urine"
Yeah the worst lyrics I have heard in awhile. C'MON SON!!!!!! Nuff said

5.New Shit
The beat caught me by surprise, but that doesn't change how bad the song is. And the crappiness of the album continues. Another reference about Ray Charles being blind. All I say is leave Ray Charles and Stevie Wonder alone. Let them be blind and stop making fun of em. Fail again, Wayne disappointing me some more.

6.Pass The Dutch
Drake and Lil Waynes verses make this song decent, and that's the only way it's decent. Short dawg, Lil Twist, and Gudda Gudda can hit the bricks with that garbage.

7.Play in my Band
This is just Shanell (with that ugly ass nose ring) and Lil Wayne. It's a very average song. It has a definite rock feel that makes you feel that this was supposed to be on Rebirth or something. It's ok

8.Fuck da Bullshit Feat. Birdman
Nicki was nice on this track with her lil flobotic style. Then we enter Gudda Gudda who's on a lot of the tracks (why?). It's ok, and then Lil Wayne and Drake drop two pretty good verses. Birdman basically manages the song by giving intros to everyone.

9.Bedrock Feat. Lloyd
The second single which is blowing up charts, and the hook is hot, and the verses are what represents what radio likes in music. It's really just a radio song obviously, and it's really catchy and I can't hate on that.

10.Girl I Got You
This is probably the worst song. Having the 2 lil teens Lil Chuckee and Lil Twist have their own song is wrong. it's just a really bad song, and I can't see any true lyrical/rap/any music fan liking this song. It sounds like a bad mix of Bow Wow, Romeo, Lil Wayne. Fail

11.Steady Mobbin Feat. Gucci
Wayne and Gucci hook up for this song. I think Wayne wanted to add a song that was really his song, and not Young Money's. This song is ok, and I'm tired of Gucci Mane. Retire already. Wayne should retire the goon and goblin line. It was hot a year ago but we goin into 2010 so stop forcin.

12.Roger That
This was a step up in the song quality. Nicki Minaj had a Lil Kim feel to her rap in this verse. She was talking a bunch of bs still though. Tyga was "eh" and Lil Wayne was ok.

13.She Is Gone
All I have to say was that this song sucked. it wasn't the worst, but it's still one of the worst. I HATE the hook. Can i repeat T-Streets should get kicked out.

14.Streets is Watching
I liked Wayne's verse and sooooo idk what else to say cuz everything else was like ok.

15.Finale (Everybody)
seems out of place, and didn't change my opinion on anything about this album. The only that made sense about the place of the song was the title of the song. Finale should've been at the beginning with a different title. Would've made sense to introduce all the members at the beginning, then to wait til we found out some of them really suck so we know not to buy anything with their names on it.

Final Score: 2 out of 5 Stars
My major problem with this album is inconsistency. Drake, Nicki Minaj, and Drake were the best on the album and they are the best artists out of the group. The other people need to find a job or hobby because I can't see them being in da game 5 years from now. Wayne was also on too many tracks. The CEO/Rapper needs to find the happy medium between appearing on nothing and not helping, to appearing on everything and making everybody look bad. Hence, why Jay-Z was all over the dynasty album, and had it in his name. look where his relationship with the people on that album is at. Young Money is ok, but really we know who will be there in the future, and who is just a joke/disgrace to rap music.
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Anonymous said...

Young Money is wack as hell

Rafelito said...

At least some of em

Anonymous said...

i def aint buying that album

rea76 said...


Anonymous said...

I like King Jerm's review better. You just sound like you was hating the whole time.

Rafelito said...

Hey that's your opinion and i respect it. I wasn't hating because it's nice to rhyme, but when you hear the quality of a Lil Wayne, Nicki Minaj and Drake, and you hear the quality of the other rappers, there is a dropoff in quality. It makes it a very tough listen. I liked a few of the songs though, but there were plenty of missteps as well

Anonymous said...

I thought the album was decnt. it wasn't bad. There were some good songs like Roger That and Gooder

Rafelito said...

I didnt think it was terrible. There were some solid tracks, but in terms of rhyme spitting by members like T-Streets, Lil Chuckee and Twist I could do without

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