Monday, February 14, 2011

AC'S Spotlight-Baptism Through Heat....

Watching yesterday's game I kept thinking to myself, "Ok, if the Heat want to make any statement to let the Celtics know that they're right there with them, they have to make a stand and win this game. Forget the two losses earlier, if not make a statement just leave a reminder that we're right there with you guys." They couldn't do it. The Celtics who had injuries everywhere, and a limited Paul Pierce who scored 1 point as usual gutted it out under important circumstances. Here's the bottom line, at the very least for this year, the Heat can't beat Boston.

The Heat does not have the supporting cast to deal with the toughness the Celtics have. Think about this, yesterday Boston didn't have the O'Neal boys, Daniels, and Delonte West again, and basically on the strength of their 5 starters, Von Wafer and Big Baby they thwarted the Heat again. In those types of playoff series that's when the depth and bench is important. You need guys who you can go to war with, and the Heat don't have that. The Big Z, Dampier, and Joel Anthony Center trio got a grand total of 9 points and 3 rebounds. There is no way in hell the Heat can ever beat Boston with that. I wouldn't even use the Spolestra "We didn't play that well but we were still in the game" speech because that's a bunch of B.S.. The Heat knew how important that game was, played with the intensity for it, and still lost.

They don't have the toughness and the experience to deal with the Celtics. They can't play efficiently or effectively for stretches and more importantly can't make plays down the stretch. The Heat will have their time when the Celtics get older, but the Lebron and Wade comparing themselves to M.J. vs. the Pistons is ridiculous as Yahoo Sports writes. I'm not even mentioning the Chicago Bulls, who will be quite formidable themselves. As the Heat are finding out, the mentioning of multiple championships was quite presumptious. Win one guys.
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