Thursday, February 24, 2011

AC'S Spotlight: That Melo Fellow's Successful Debut

The P.A. announcer blared high and mighty when introducing Carmelo Anthony, and the buzz in the Garden was so electric it truly felt like the 90's. It also felt like the 90's when it felt at times that the basketball was a little ugly, but the most important thing was the Knicks beat the Bucks.

Carmelo scored 27 and grabbed 10 rebounds, and even with an off night from him shooting wise, you saw that he can do different things like rebound, and even got in the passing lanes a couple of times with some steals. It was obvious that he was probably a little too fired up which led to the 10-25 shooting night, but we know how good Carmelo is and will be.

I thought the more important player of last night was Chauncey Billups. Chauncey is a championship caliber point guard who has all the experience in the world. He found a way in his debut to get 21 points and 8 assists. He ran the team well, and he got to the free throw line eleven times and made all of them. Chauncey can turn the Knicks from a "dangerous" out in the playoffs to a serious threat if he plays like that.

Carmelo and Chauncey did one really important thing last night, they both opened up the game for a role player to step in and play great, which is what Toney Douglas did last night with 23 big points. Douglas who has some ability, can learn from Chauncey who is known to mentor young point guards. The other big part of yesterday's game was Amare' not having to shoulder all the load of scoring. It's hard doing that all by yourself. Eventually as everybody gets acclimated, the comfort level and the ease will rise and the Knicks will be a more consistent offensive team, especially in the 4th quarter.

Don't get me wrong there will be bumps along the way, but the facts are clear: The Knicks didn't even have practice time and brought a whole bunch of new players into the system and found a way to win. Once they get time together, and hopefully they make another move in the frontcourt, the Knicks will be for real. For now, let's enjoy the ride of STAT, Melo, and the rest of the gang.
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