Friday, September 9, 2011

AC'S Spotlight-NFL Preview Part V Predictions and Picks for Week 1

The NFL season had an explosive beginning with the defending champ Packers defeating the incredibly game Saints 42-34. I had thoughts on this game on my podcast which you could check out here.

This season is going to be so much fun, it's a new age with plenty of change. Coming off the lockout, as we know there's been so much Free Agency movement that you don't recognize some of these teams. For the first time in a long time, we won't start a season with Brett Favre or Peyton Manning under center for their teams which is a story in itself. As always we'll be talking about whether the champs are capable of repeating, and what team that was really good will have a bad year. In the NFL that always happens, but enough talking rhetorically, here's my predictions for the year.

AFC Division Winners





AFC Wild Cards


Browns(Got on the bandwagon)

NFC Division Winners





NFC Wild Cards




Patriots over Chargers

Browns over Texans

AFC Divisional Round

Jets over Browns

Steelers over Patriots

AFC Championship Game

Jets over Steelers


Vikings over Rams

Saints over Falcons

NFC Divisonal Round

Eagles over Vikings

Packers over Saints

NFC Championship Game

Packers over Eagles


Jets finally win it! This isn't a typo! I believe in Rex and the Sanchize! They beat the Packers 21-17 in a great game.

PICKS FOR WEEK 1 (Home team in CAPS) AC's record: 1-0

Steelers over RAVENS (-2)

Flacco always screws up somewhere in these games, and that pattern will continue. Love the Steelers toughness, they're going to have a big year.

Lions over BUCCANEERS (-1)

I'm not sold on the Lions as a Playoff team, but they will be much improved. All of this relies on the health of QB Matthew Stafford. If he's healthy, with their monster defensive line they'll be a tough team to play. I like Josh Freeman, but his team not so much.

Falcons over BEARS (+3)

For some reason I'm confident in Atlanta having a solid year. They just have a SOLID team. Solid. Matt Ryan should be consistent, good running game, good defense, liking the Falcons. I don't know what the hell to expect out of the Bears. I don't think they're a playoff team, they take a step back.

Bills over CHIEFS(-5)

This will be the happiest moment in the Buffalo season(Sorry Bills fans). Not a believer in the Chiefs, especially with no Matt Cassel to start the year. Chiefs were a flash in the pan. The Bills stink, but they'll keep it close.

TEXANS over Colts (-8)

If the Texans can't beat the Colts here, then there's something wrong with life. No Manning, no problem for the Texans who should be salivating over this gift wrapped division. How long till Reggie Wayne kills Kerry Collins. Over/Under 2.5 quarters

RAMS over Eagles (+5)

I don't trust the Eagles offensive line, don't trust Vick to stay healthy, and not completely sold on the running game. That being said they have a TON of talent, and should win the NFC East. I think they'll win this game but not without a lot of hairy moments. Rams are the best of a bad bunch, this is a good early test for Sam Bradford.

BROWNS over Bengals (-6)

The Bengals stink. The Browns are getting better. Nuff said.

JAGUARS over Titans (-3)

Both of these teams have issues. The Titans have a QB that was brought into a system he doesn't know. The Jaguars don't have a QB or a clue that they need to get out of Jacksonville. Taking the home team because I have to pick somebody.

Giants over REDSKINS (+3)

The Giants have had such a bad offseason, like really THAT bad. Justin Tuck might not play either, I mean damn the whole team is hurt right now. I do say this, I'll take Eli over the GROSS man any day of the week. FACTS.

Panthers over CARDINALS (-7)

Is Kevin Kolb that good? Will Larry Fitzgerald care now that he got paid? Cam Newton plays better than most would think here.

NINERS over Seahawks (-5)

I hate these teams because they're in the JV division. Anytime the JV division plays you skip it. Next?

Vikings over CHARGERS (-8)

If Mcnabb has anything left, this should be a very entertaining game. With A-Pete and Percy Harvin, the Vikings will be competitive if Mcnabb can still play. I think he can. Chargers will light up the air, but the Vikings keep it close.

JETS over Cowboys (-4)

Going with the "emotional Sept 11 game in the Metropolitan area" theme. Jets should be flying though not on all cylinders. Cowboys will need a couple of games to be at the level I expect them to be.

Patriots over DOLPHINS (+7)

I hate both of these teams, but I know this, the Pats are pretty damn good. Brady and Ochocinco party in Miami where Reggie Bush will find more chicks than touchdowns.

BRONCOS over Raiders (-3)

The Raiders are always a mess, (Pryor) and the Broncos are a mess. The Broncos are just a more competent mess than the Raiders are.

Enjoy the season it's going to be tremendous! Football's BACK!!!

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