Tuesday, March 27, 2012

AC'S Reality Check: No Justice, No Peace

The following is written in reverence of Trayvon Martin. 1 selection, all from the heart. Read. Digest. Absorb. Reflect. Breathe. Live.

1 shot equals the time a mother cried
2 shots equals the hopes of many that died
So how many shots will it take to make a difference
For just one moment let me make an inference
As the anger of a community becomes less belligerent
As the arrogance of this culture becomes that more ignorant
Pause one second just read that again
As I read this I realize we lost another friend
Holding a skittle bag just trying to get home
So the hoodie was the reason keep thinking that alone
I will ask once more why are there guns on our streets
The same crime we fight is the one we repeat
Pause one second just read that again
Flawed we are in our minds of men
Racism call it that disregard say it more
The lack of ACCOUNTABILITY like never before
So when I wear my hoodie am I just a sitting duck
Or is it because he was black or was it dumb luck
9-1-1 is repeating what was said
So much hatred in Mr. Zimmerman's head
He just had to act with a weapon of a boy's destruction
One that was once again Man's construction
The system reminds me of the joke with no punchline
I'm looking for justice just give me a damn sign
And in all this talk we forget about Trayvon
Who at that moment had no one to lean on
Who lost his life because right was lost in wrong
These things I can't explain because WE'VE failed all along
No justice no peace is this what it all means
My anger and hurt on a level unseen
I wear my hoodie proud and I'll wear it with pride
But the hoodie isn't enough for the tears we've cried
Never forget a day in the life to tell the story of hope
As we all learn to deal as we all learn to cope
Anger turns into hate don't lose this debate
We fight on for you Trayvon just waiting for our court date
R.I.P. Mr. Martin, we pray for a day of justice and peace.
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