Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Chiddy Bang Was A Good Idea Until...

File:Breakfast Chiddy Bang.png

They made an album.

The main problem with their album was the lack of samples. What made Chiddy Bang unique, and the flavor of the month in terms of Hip-Hop fan interest was their ability to blend soul samples, as well as hipster alternative samples with Rap. 

On their most recent album Breakfast, Chiddy Bang strayed away from samples due to the obvious reason that samples hurt the wallet heavily. When making albums, a budget plays a big role because samples have to be cleared due to the fact that an artist can get sued for profiting off of another artists' work. One would assume that Chiddy Bang does not have the budget to pull in expensive samples that drove some of their best work including Opposite of Adults & Truth.

It's not even that their album is bad. It's just very lackluster. It's missing the heart & soul of the Breakfast meal. it's missing the toast and the eggs. Hopefully, Chiddy Bang realizes that they should continue to make the music that makes them stand out among a sea of Rappers just trying to get a hit, instead of being like every other Hip-Hop outfit.
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