Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Reasons Why I Can't Defend The NBA (Sometimes)

Star Calls. The NBA has some issue with refereeing and penalizing all players in the league equally. With The Heat down by 5, Dwyane Wade went up for a layup and he collided with Dahntay Jones.There was no-call and Wade put up a circus shot expecting a call.The play led to a fastbreak layup on the other end for Indiana.

On the next possession, The Heat turned the ball over and The Pacers were on a fastbreak again. It was a 2-on-1 and as Danny Granger attempted a pass to Darren Collison, D-Wade appeared from behind and leveled Collison from behind with no intent on making a Basketball play. That was a dirty play, and Wade should at least be fined, but really he should be suspended because of the chance of Collison getting hurt.

This is why some fans are disenchanted with the NBA. Too many times the league protects the stars when they commit dirty plays or flops, when the average NBA player would get suspended or reprimanded. The league is sending the wrong message to kids playing Basketball all over the world with this lack of fairness. It definitely should be looked at and re-evaluated, but seriouslyis there a chance of that happening?

Good win for The Pacers though as they tie the series and take Homecourt advantage.
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